London Richards is a British creator, known for his work as a music artist, writer, producer, designer and entrepreneur. His rare voice, formidable pen as a writer, coupled with his steadfast adherence to his core values, makes Richards one of the most original and sovereign artists of his generation.

For 7 years, Richards navigated the smoke and mirrors of the traditional music industry. Richards writes,

“How you handle the process reveals your true character and abilities. My creations express the process. In the process, I learned to create what I wanted to exist.”

In 2021, Richards discovered NFTs and became passionate about pioneering new sovereign models and solving problems he faced at the intersection of music, culture and web3. Richards was one of the earliest music artists to have their own smart contract deployed by Manifold.

In 2022, Richards began releasing his signature works on the blockchain. HIEROGLYPHS is a timeless collection of Lyrical—Code™. The collection evokes deep feelings and communicates what is not easily expressed. These works are compressed and decompressed to be readily recognizable. In the words of Ellias Lonsdale, “a fresh synthesis for the many to recognize themselves reflected with transparent, evocative accuracy.”

The first two iterations sold out—the former within 27 seconds. 6 lyrics realized ~8.1 ETH. 15 secondary sales realized ~3 ETH. Up to 25x value has been created for 51 collectors. The collection has also been co-signed by legendary digital artist Pak. Regarding the collection, Richards writes, “the motivation was to establish the value (on-chain) of my music per lyric and build a repeatable, independent process that allows me to express complex emotions in a simple way.”

A teacher of originality and authenticity, Richards’ music has always spoken for itself. Now, it’s one lyric at a time.